Local Events

VERMONT has a lot to offer. Full of rich culture, the Vermont community is very active and we are truly proud of the artisanry our state produces.  Local events change by the season, but there is always something fun and exciting to do!


We Are Moving!

WE ARE MOVING! It has been almost three years since we discovered Airbnb, the inspiration for Vermont Tree cabin. After hearing of Airbnb, we decided to take a chance by renovating the cabin on our land and renting it out on

VT Beer

Food & Drink

COME TRY out Vermont’s finest food & drinks! We are most known for our maple syrup, but we are also proud of our craft breweries and artisan foods. Not to mention the Locavore movement is very popular in New England. Here are

Who wouldn't want to stay in a treehouse with a private deck overlooking a pond, soaking in a rustic hot tub, spotting Vermont Wildlife?

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It was fantastic. Such a great getaway, the hosts are so gracious, and the tree cabin is so cozy. It had everything we could have wanted! We would come back in a heartbeat.

Clara New York, NY


 Checking out the newest equipment and set up for Far Cry Craft Beers, our future brewery. Can't wait to taste the new beer!
 One leaf is real and the other is painted. Can you tell which one? - Lovely water color painting by one of our guests! :)
 Designing the floor plan for the first treehouse! If you could design your own treehouse what would it look like? What would you make sure was included? Let us know your thoughts!
 From a few weeks ago, but its still a beautiful photo!