Walker Pond is a beautiful body of water located in Coventry, Vermont. As the weather gets warmer, the ice on the pond begins to melt away, marking the start of a new season. This is an exciting time for nature lovers, as it’s a chance to see some of the amazing creatures that live around the pond.

One of the animals that people often see around the pond is the beaver. These furry critters build dams and lodges that create homes for other animals. As the ice melts away, beavers can be seen swimming and gathering materials to build their homes.

Another animal that people might see around Walker Pond is the otter. Otters are playful creatures that love to swim and play in the water. They have strong tails that help them move through the water quickly, making them fun to watch.

As the ice melts away, birds begin to return to the pond. Canadian geese are a common sight, flying overhead or swimming in groups on the water. People who enjoy watching birds might also see ospreys, with their brown and white feathers and sharp beaks.

The ice-out on Walker Pond is a special time of year, marking the beginning of a new season of wildlife activity. It’s a chance to appreciate the natural beauty of the pond and the creatures that call it home.